One Hundred Years of Building Excellence....that's the tradition behind out name.

George J. Grant, the founder of the construction company which still bears his
name emigrated to St. Paul, MN from Nova Scotia in 1879. He had already
been involved in the construction industry in Canada where he had built
portions of the Canadian Pacific Railroad.

He had heard of a bustling city in Minnesota called St. Paul, which the efforts
of pioneer businessmen like "Empire Builder" James J. Hill were turning into the
rail center of the Northwest. He founded George J. Grant construction Co of
Minnesota a year after he arrived. In the early months of 1880 and for the next
forty four years he was involved in many of the major construction projects in
the state of Minnesota. Many of the landmark buildings which Grants firm
constructed still stand and are in full use today, symbols of his careful
workmanship and attention to quality. George J. Grant died in 1924, while
supervising the construction of the new St. Paul Assembly Plant for the Ford
Motor Company, the largest manufacturing facility in the upper Midwest at
the time.

The company bearing his name continued to prosper and grow after his
death, the result of successors who shared his vision and his concern for the
traditions of the building craft. Since 1980 and still today Grant construction is
guided by Frank J. Rekuski, Jr. Like his predecessors who proudly served before
him Frank carries on the tradition of careful workmanship and attention to
quality. While strictly adhering to the rich traditions of the past, Grant
Construction has also acknowledged change and evlolved to expand the
offerings of Grant Construction to ensure it's clients satisfaction.

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